Haojian Jin

Pattern Colorizations for secret garden

A 10-line python code hack can auto-generate a random pattern colorization for the famouse coloring book - "Secret Garden". I wrote the script to understand if shape is more important that colorization.

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How many nodes required to acheive a 95% packing density if overlapping is allowed?

A traditional circle packing is an arrangement of circles inside a given boundary such that no two overlap and some (or all) of them are mutually tangent. This interesting problem was posted on Zhihu. I found it very interesting and pratical when placing the wireless nodes in a limited space. The picture left is the one with 95% packing density.

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Carvr: SeamCarving on iOS.

Carvr is a smart photo "Summarizer" that performs content-aware image resizing for both reduction and expansion. Carvr also can help users remove undesirable objects in their photos.


Toy robot car

The robots on the market are not extensible enough for further development. I built that robot based on the "plug in" software engineering concept and designed it to automate the radio signal collection.

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CooTrading: Imagine a world where technology enables a sustainable environment.

CooTrading is a low-cost, energy efficiency and flexible hardware/software environmental solution with many well designed features. This prototype system allowed users to have a better Energy Consumption awareness and eventually put these users in charge of these consumptions.

4/61 in World Final (Paris, France), China Champion (1/500+),
Microsoft Imagine Cup Software Design Competition

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realtime gesture recognition
Realtime Gesture Recognizer

Different with most past work in Gesture Recognition, this toolkit focuses in predicting the user’s intention before they had finished their gesture. Similar with $1 gesture recognition, this gesture recognition also features in there is no requirement for library, toolkit, and training.

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